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Stakeholders Interaction
Stakeholders Interaction

Sharing information about the agro-nutritional primary and secondary sectors’ planning and strategic development and about their direct link to the tourism sector.

Sharing water use data (wastewater treatment and surface and groundwater management) and socioeconomic information of the aquifer.

Sharing their experience in planning, constructing and managing hydraulic infrastructures, the water supply – irrigation networks of Crete, costing and pricing of water services.

Sharing their experience in terms of water regulations and initiatives and environmental protection measures.

EDIA – Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infraestruturas do Alqueva, S.A. was born in 1995.

Neves-Corvo is a copper and zinc mine that is owned and operated by the Portuguese company SOMINCOR (Sociedade Mineira de Neves-Corvo S.A.), which is a subsidiary of Lundin Mining since Novem

Lundin Mining is a diversified Canadian base metals mining company with operations in Brazil, Chile, Portugal, Sweden and the United States of America, primarily producing copper, zinc,

Vegalfaro, Vereda Real and Coviñas are three significant wineries located in the municipality of Requena, all of them produce grape wines with denomination of origin Utiel-Requena.

Global omnium is a Spanish corporate group, founded in Valencia in 1980, and it is currently made up of 16 companies, each one specialised in different areas of the integral water cycle management.

FACSA is a Spanish company, founded in Castellón in 1873, that works managing the integral water cycle in the Valencian region.

The Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar (CHJ) is the water authority of the Júcar river basin, within which is the hydrogeological unit of 08.24 Requena-Utiel.

There are three communities od irrigators that are supplied by wells with underground water from the hydrogeological unit of 08.24 Requena-Utiel: Riegos del Alto Magro, Riegos Mixtos de la Plana de

The municipality of Requena is located in the province of Valencia, in eastern Spain, and it has a population of 20.254 inhabitants (INE, 2019).